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Residential & Commercial Drywall

If you are building a new house, adding an addition, building a new commercial building or renovating and old property, Drywall Charleston can handle the job!

Additions & Remodeling

Drywall services Charleston has a staff that takes professionalism to the highest level! If you need drywall for an addition or a remodeling we are here to help.

Residential Construction

The construction market in Charleston is booming right now! Lot's of new building and renovations are being done.


A bit more intensive than regular drywall but also much more durable.If you are looking for a high quality plaster wall in Charleston, give us a call!.

Drywall services Charleston sc

Are you building a new home or remodeling? Perhaps you have a new or old commercial property that needs drywall or plastering. Drywall Charleston is on the job! Our licensed and insured professionals will get the job done. If you require Level-5 walls and ceilings for your workspace, maybe special mold mildew resistant walls for bathrooms, kitchens, or other spaces that get damp, we can help. 


When you are looking for Drywall Contractors in Charleston, SC. Let us know! Our contractors are vetted, bonded and insured so that you know you are getting quality drywall contractors every time.


Charleston is in constant need of drywall contractors. With the renovations going on in West Ashley, Downtown and Park Circle, there are endless opportunities for remodeling. Drywall is used in a variety of situations in Charleston. There are renovations, floods that destroy drywall that need flood repair. 


Priming and finish painting

Drywall Charleston prefers to prime our own work.We do this in a very eco-friendly fashion. Our prime work is fantastic and we can accommodate your time frame into our work.We use large and small sprayers for spraying primer and or finish paint on the wallboard area.

We sand the area before spraying to ensure that the area is as smooth as possible. After the sanding we take the time to clean the board before priming so that the finish is remarkable.

Drywall Charleston also prefers to Finish Paint the ceilings. Our processes are very quick, well done and less expensive that other methods. We understand that saving money is important so painting your own walls can be cost effective. However, when you get to the ceilings, it starts to get difficult. Let us handle that for a low price so that you can use your time on more valuable projects.


Drywall Charleston offers soundproofing solutions. If you would like to keep a room in the house a bit more quiet or if you need to mitigate some sound between apartments, we can accomodate.

Textured Ceilings

Most of our clients would laugh if we asked if they wanted textured ceilings. However, when a textured ceiling is done right it can be a very pretty aspect of your home.

Level-5 Finish

If you need a higher quality finish, we have the solution for you! Typically used in office buildings, Level-5 finish produces a whiter and smoother finish than regular sheetrock primer.

Mold resistant drywall

Charleston gets wet. We all know that. Drywall Charleston can install mildew/mold resistant drywall.

                 Tips To Hire A Drywall Contractor

Hiring the right contractor to do the drywall is an absolute must when you are building a house. Drywall is what constitutes the major part of the walls and ceilings. It needs to be done right and look smooth. When wall is warped or contains irregularities, there is a possibility of damage, mold formation and other issues. For these and many other reasons, the contractor hired in Charleston should be knowledgeable and experienced in the field.

1. Get A Quote

If number crunching is not your thing, getting quotes from multiple contractors can help. The quote will contain details such as materials, labor, warranty and transportation cost among many other things. These quotes will help you plan for appropriate choice as well. Once these things are taken care of, you can select the right service and analyze your results so you keep track of the project’s progress from time to time.

2. Hire The Professional

The goal of this information is to let you know the kind of help available to you and why you need them in the first place. Two things that need to be considered when hiring these professionals. First and foremost, like mentioned above, do the individual has the experience you are looking for and second, are they able to perform the task efficiently within your budget? After these things are assessed, it is time to locate the professionals. If you are already in touch with any of the building experts in your personal life, you can request them to transition their service to your project. Otherwise seek referrals from these other people who can understand the specific needs of your project.

Contact the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry or AWCI for better results. There are plenty of businesses in Charleston to get you started as well. Photos, referrals, reviews and complaints are the areas that you need to pay attention to when looking for a drywall contractor.

3. Know Your Time Constraints

Timing is very essential when you are handling this project. Since many elements coincide during a construction project, you need to be critical of the timing when hiring the contractor. A delay in one area can jeopardize other areas of the building. In essence, without time set forth in place, you won’t be able to achieve anything. However, it is also important that you be realistic with how long it will take to accomplish this particular goal. And do not forget to re-evaluate goals based on your budget and other criteria.

4. Protect Your Project

Just like any other construction project, drywall task may need protection should someone is injured during the process or anything goes wrong with walls. Your contractor’s insurance is a critical player in protecting these elements for short term as well as long term needs. It is good to have materials and labor part covered as well. So, even if you choose to bring in everything else perfectly, you are likely to need coverage for uncertainties. Be sure to obtain as many bids as possible from different contractors and make sure that they have adequate protection from a reliable company.

5. Ask Questions

Your drywall contractor should be able to answer all the questions placed before them. This is to weed out any service that is not a good fit for your needs and budget. If they are offended in any case, it is not worth pursuing them. Since you have made the pledge to protect your house and investment, hiring the right contractor is very critical. So, check the credentials, verify license, ask for referrals, but above all, get your doubts cleared.

6. Read The Contract

As a part of negotiation, you should read every line that is noted on the drywall contract documents. The big letters are where you get the maximum benefits but the fine prints are often the place where you lose the most. So, don’t forget to read the fine prints. Pay attention to details, like Level-5 finish, paint brand, sheetrock type and so on. If you find that the initial estimate is entirely different than the actual price estimate obtained a week later, do not proceed with the job. Look for another contractor. Likewise, get the cost itemized so you have the clear picture of how much is being charge and for what it is being charged. Overtime, if the price changes, you should know why the price changed in the first place.

It is also important to learn about the background of the contractor you are hiring. Is there a previous liability that is not being fulfilled or are there complaints from previous clients? The contract should also contain the full description of the service that is being provided to your project. Having everything written clearly and concisely will help avoid future disputes.             

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